Laurie has facilitated our efforts to focus on people and foster a more connected culture by improving our coaching, mentoring and team development skills. With Laurie’s help, we have been able to narrow our focus and clarify our strategies especially as they relate to business development and human performance. Her approach is motivating, creating a natural desire to be part of the team, inspiring others to participate and provide valuable input for planning and decision making.



When I left the corporate world and chose to launch my own business, I had the opportunity to meet Laurie and work with her. At that moment, things began to change in my new career life. Laurie asked me the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions. She helped me focus on my ultimate goal and prioritize the steps to achieve my goal. Laurie encouraged me to push my limits and discover a “new” me. As she did all this, she was always right beside me, offering encouragement and support. She is a visionary leader and an excellent business strategist and coach. We built a strong strategy together to create success and fulfillment in my career life. We achieved many milestones together in a short period. I am very thankful and feel gratitude for having Laurie as my business strategist and coach! I consider her to be the most significant decision I made for lifelong support and success.


Manager turned Entrepreneur

During our long term partnership with Laurie we have seen a dramatic shift in our sales team towards an intentional sales approach. This, along with Laurie’s determination for each of our sales people to be successful; both professionally and personally, has driven customer loyalty and our entire business forward.


Sales Manager

I had heard for years “get a business coach to help you move your business into the exact direction you want it to go.” You see I had the business plan, but it had changed, and didn’t seem inline with the work I was doing. I went to see Laurie Hawkins, and yes, I received the business expertise I needed but I also was given so much more. You see, Laurie made it completely comfortable for me to be authentic and share the raw of where my business was. She helped me believe in me and the dreams for my business.


Business Owner

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