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This book is a compilation of everyday, authentic, powerful, remarkable people and the businesses they have created. These are take action, connect to the heart, work deeply, focus profoundly, and make-it-happen leaders. Their stories are dynamic, encouraging, uplifting, empowering and, above all, will make you realize that anything is possible for anyone.


As this book was in its birthing process, a worldwide pandemic unfolded. This crisis began as a health crisis and quickly became a crisis of humanity and touched every aspect of our lives. At its core, it was asking the world to pause, to reflect, to reset, to reconsider. This uncertainty has made one thing certain – you never know what will happen to shift your business. In the stories within, you will learn how to navigate challenges through a new lens. You will also experience how to:

  • Believe in the ability to shift from trial to triumph
  • Unleash your passion, purpose and potential to create a business and life you love
  • Gain perspective on how to invent, reinvent, and thrive through uncertainty
  • Connect with insights and inspiration for your own business journey
  • Benefit form the wisdom of those who have achieved sensational results

Dive into these stories of driven, ambitious leaders. Like you, they are on a life-long adventure to inspire, encourage, and equip people to become the very best version of themselves, by focusing on reinvention, smashing the status quo and never accepting mediocrity.

Inspired by:

Kristina Kastelanac ND

Anita Watkins

Tracy Teskey

Terry Fletcher

Kate Thompson

Janine Taylor

Rhett Hawkins

Krystal Lee Moore Lucier

Jennifer Matthews

Kris Dureau

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