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Influence. Action. Impact.

Binder on a shelf training doesn’t work.

Are you an organization, seeking to grow your leaders, teams, people and results? Are you hungry for a new approach – for a way to align with the changes in how organizations, and individuals make buying decisions today? It’s time to show up differently – to interact with your teams and customers in a whole new way. We have curated the most impactful and customizable training programs to help you influence, take action and create impact to drive revenue, results and raving fans. Remove the binders and launch into a whole new world of success and fulfillment.


Business Results Training

We’ve created a collection of training programs to create a deeper connection to yourself, your team and your customers in a way that creates meaning, relevancy and value. It is through this connection that you translate skill into stronger value, deeper conversations and ultimately a competitive advantage that drives revenue, results and raving fans.

Below is a listing of some of our unique programs. Please click on the box to explore further.

The Power to Sell

Customer Amazement

Communication for Connection

Personal Presence

Created & Curated for You

  • IMMEDIATELY ACTIONABLE. Education leads to knowledge and only when your learning leads to action, will you harness the power that can change anything in your life and business.
  • HIGHLY RELEVANT. Leading edge insights, ideas, tools and learning experiences designed to motivate the implementation of new skills, habits and results.
  • INCREDIBLY ENGAGING. Laurie is first and foremost a leader in sales and customer amazement. She understands the unique challenges of sales, sales leadership and building loyal, raving fans. She is obsessed with curating opportunities to create sustainable change and results.
  • CUSTOMIZED APPROACH. No two organizations, leaders, teams or people are the same.

How we will work together:

1. Define

Business Objectives. Key Deliverables. Metrics.

Define your key requirements by exploring the following:

  • Your business objectives
  • Current environment and reasons for development
  • Key desired outcomes
  • Metrics for success

2. Diagnose

Undercover Customer. Day in the Life.

Diagnose the current environment and team. Some examples of actions taken in this stage include:

  • Assessments
  • Undercover Customer
  • Day in the Life

3. Design

Program. Timelines.

A customized program is designed to meet with your defined objectives and will include:

  • Program Details
  • Timelines and Milestones

4. Deliver

Execute Programs. Document Action Commitments.

We will deliver the program and take the following key actions:

  • Document Action Commitments
  • Execute on training, development and coaching

5. Drive

Ongoing support for sustainable change. Coaching. Followup Training.

The program will be driven forward in order to achieve sustainable growth and development. A continued focus will occur with:

  • Ongoing support
  • Coaching
  • Follow up training sessions
Laurie’s PhiloSophy





A great deal of business development focuses on the importance of an event. This event could be a training program, a motivational speech, or an offsite meeting. Real business development involves an experience that occurs over time, not an inspiration that occurs in a meeting. Laurie will work with you to develop a customized program, created to offer a sustainable and lasting business transformation, focused on your desired business and “people” results. Gain the insights, modern strategies and tools to drive revenue, results and raving fans.


The standard training model simply doesn’t work. Listen to someone lecture you on key skills, take some notes (maybe), learn the same techniques over and over again and then go home with a binder to put on your shelf. You forget at least 85% of what you were taught in the first week. You can’t possibly process all of the information coming at you today. We move beyond information into insights, ideas and inspiration to tap into your inner commitment and curiosity to drive you to implement what you have learned for lasting change. We leverage in person, virtual and online opportunities to connect with you and your team.


We focus on achieving lasting behavioral change, built on the belief in incremental growth over time. We will support your growth through collaborative education, experience, encouragement and empowerment. You will gain the momentum to live, breathe and apply the tools and strategies shared until they become who you are.

Are you ready to experience…

Accelerated Growth

Experience more revenue, results and raving fans.

Elevated Impact

Increase your inspiration, influence and impact.

Improved Clarity

Improve flow to allow you to create a life you love by freeing up time.

Enlightened Potential

Ignite your people and team to reach their full potential.

Deeper Alignment

Align to self, to team and to your customers in a more meaningful way.

Ignited Differentiation

In a world full of noise, find a way to differentiate and share your uniqueness.

Expanded Insights

Expand knowledge, action, connections and opportunities.

Powerful Productivity

Improve flow to allow you to leverage your most precious resource of time.

Greater Confidence

Operate in your zone of genius and feel on purpose.

Profound Fulfillment

Move beyond success and achievement as they are only half of the story. Experience happiness and joy.

Further Significance

Contribute to the world in ways that only you can. Be you – be unique – build impact.

Unleashed Commitment

So many people are interested in success today; it’s the truly committed that will truly succeed. It’s time for you to choose commitment.

Amazing Connection

Through your presence, power and possibility thinking, you will build connection to self, team and others.

No more binderS on the Shelf.

Only revenue, results and raving fans.

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