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Our events are thoughtfully created to navigate business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs through actionable steps to sell with ease and ignite customer loyalty. We will explore unique approaches to wrap business in soul and take you through a journey to drive results, while experiencing fulfillment, flow and fun.

Explore unique learning opportunities that have been created and cultivated for you. We host multiple live events, weekly podcasts, surprise socials and other curated experiences for connection, growth and impact.

Live Soar Symposiums

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The Soar Experience Podcast

Through weekly interviews, book explorations, research and conversations, you will find new insights, ideas and information to ignite your success. The world has become “intensely noisy”. People everywhere are seeking inspiration that will bring clarity, connection and congruency to their business and life. Does this resonate with you? Have you ever found yourself in this position?

The weekly SOAR Experience Show, with host Laurie Hawkins, will curate and cultivate the strategy+soul™ to guide you on a journey of discovering new perspectives, mind-shifts and possibilities.


Live on Monday’s @ 9am EST, every week.

Favourite Insights from the Podcast

Exclusive Retreats

Our retreats are designed for a carefully curated group of entrepreneurs to work on their business, from an inspiring location. It is not just an event; it is a complete experience. It is geared towards high-level builders who are committed to creating an exceptional business and living an unprecedented life.

We seek to leap towards a deeply satisfying lifestyle, where we focus on up-levelling your success and creating fun adventures. It’s an opportunity for women to come together, share experiences and grow in multiple ways. As entrepreneurs and business owners, you can operate in isolation and this is a unique chance for you to see, experience and learn from outside of your normal perspectives.

  • Create stories you will tell for a lifetime.
  • Receive a personalized level of coaching.
  • Experience an unparalleled opportunity for connection.
  • Exclusive access to an elite, high level peer group.
  • Gain clarity and confidence.
  • Achieve growth with new insights, strategies, focus, structure and support.
  • Unleash fulfillment, flow & fun.
  • Drive revenue, results and raving fans.

As you align with the fullest truth of who you are and radiate your message, you will attract customers effortlessly, and leave behind all the complicated, outdated, limiting business models. The time is now for you to build a business and life you are obsessed with. We are driven by a passion to wrap business in soul and magnify your strengths, through both experiences and results!

Our retreats will be hosted in November 2019.
There will be two groups accepted for this years’ retreat experience.

The first retreat is sold out.


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