Creativity is a Game Changer in Sales

September 1st, 2019  |  Laurie Hawkins

Creativity is not typically part of the conversation when discussing sales…and yet, it is a distinct differentiator. The most effective sales conversations happen when you leverage creativity.


Far too many sales professionals leverage boiler plate “pitches and demos” instead of taking the opportunity to personalize their approach. One size does not fit all when it comes to connecting with prospects and customers. 


86% of consumers say that customization and feeling that a solution was crafted specifically for them plays a major role in their decision making. Customers appreciate sales professionals who are creative problem solvers and take the time to understand their unique needs, challenges and desired outcomes.


Creativity breeds partnership. It builds a space of win-win and collaboration. It also builds a desire to surprise and delight others. “WOW” moments for customers are bred from creative thought processes and exploring what else is possible. The surprise associated with creating “wow” moments is one of the most effective sales connection opportunities.


“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”


Continually stretching yourself by trying new strategies will set you apart from all the noise in the market today. When you maintain a childlike curiosity and continue to build a creative approach into your business, you will generate a never-ending stream of referrals that ensures your success. Here are a few ways to unlock your creative potential for success.


Break Routines

Break out of complacency. Challenge yourself to recognize when you are in auto-pilot and stimulate your creativity in those times. Even driving a different way than normal will spark your brain into action. Think new thoughts, try new things, read new books, meet with and share in conversation with new people. Make this part of your routine.


Measure Ideas

Challenge yourself to brainstorm a certain amount of new ideas and inspirations every week. Constantly ask yourself questions that will spark your creativity. Then take action on the ones that fire you up.


Become Aware

There is a profound link between stress and lack of creativity. When your mind is burdened with tension and anxiety, it’s next to impossible to stay curious and creative. Build in tools to alleviate stress so that you can flow with ideas.


Build Space

Carve out “nothing” time every day. This will work magic in your capacity to generate new ideas and inspire your productivity. Even ten minutes in the middle of the day can have a dramatic impact on your ability to think differently.


Master Mind

This will allow you to unleash your creativity and boost your effectiveness. Find a group of people that you can brainstorm new ideas with. Ensure they are people that stretch you out of your “norm” and ignite your power of creativity. This will energize you in new and exciting ways.


Feel on Purpose

The greatest need we have is to contribute and make a difference through the work we do. When you connect with your unique gifts that allow you to fulfill this desire, you feel a richness of creative power. Fuel this power.


Reflection: What will you do to build creativity into your life and business moving forward?