S – Savvy

O- Often outspoken

A – Achievement driven

R – Real women

“The SOAR group is an amazing group of entrepreneurs that has expanded my circles of influence, introduced me to new ways of thinking, provided me with greater insight and understanding of marketing, branding, and communication, not only for my business but it has also overflowed into my personal life. I learn something new every time I attend the meetings.”

— Joanna

“I had been searching for a group of entrepreneur women who focused on growth in business but treated soul growth with equal respect.

Soar is all of this along with deep connections, friendships and unconditional support.

These women are in the arena! And kicking ass at business!

I’m so grateful my journey has lead me to this group. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.”

— Angela

“What would a generous person with a lot of knowledge, skills, great soul & heart do to help and support others? As Laurie did, she would create a community where influential women leaders could share, support, grow and encourage each other.  She generously shared her knowledge and experiences that came from her strong corporate and entrepreneurial background.  Our community grows every day. We create meaningful connections in SOAR.  Laurie is such an inspiration for all of us. Every time I connect with the community, I gain valuable ideas, and information. It is so much more than that though; I have a feeling of fulfillment because I belong to this incredible community of powerful women that are lead and coached by a strong visionary leader, Laurie. Thank you, Laurie, for creating this fantastic group and sharing your experience, knowledge, soul and inspiration with us.”

— Nurdan

“The SOAR Experience community has been a true blessing. I’ve had the opportunity to rub shoulders with women of all ages and stages of life who are taking bold steps in their businesses and communities. The live symposiums have been especially powerful as we share our struggles and celebrate successes. Laurie brings new teachings each month, facilitates conversation and encourages growth. This is not your average community of women. We are a tribe. Loving, learning and doing life together. I am grateful to be a part of something so special!”

— Kate