BubbleS & Brilliance

The Bubbles & Brilliance Book Exploration was inspired from a customer conversation.

I shared a book that I thought the team could leverage to elevate an area they were being challenged in. She said “how about you read the book Laurie and share the insights with us…and also teach us how to apply them?” I thought that was a brilliant concept and so here we are!

I am an avid reader.

There are frequent, ongoing deliveries from Amazon on my doorstep and you will catch me curled up in my red chair on a daily basis; exploring new insights, ideas and inspiration. My customers receive books as gifts from me and I am constantly sharing my favourite new book suggestion with teams and people.

This is how it works.

You become a member for the year. The cost is $997 CDN, or you can pay monthly for $97.

Included in that price is your monthly book insights summary and a zoom call to share insights, ideas and inspirations with other leaders and up-levellers, who want to explore how to apply the wisdom to their life and business.

You will receive the curated content in your inbox once a month. You will have two weeks to explore the insights and then you can choose to share in the live zoom call conversation to review, expand and take action on the new learning.

In addition, you will be invited into a private Facebook group with other Bubbles & Brilliance thought leaders, where you will have the opportunity to participate in ongoing dialogue about what we are experiencing through the insights and actions of the books.


Are you wondering what books we will be exploring?

The books will be curated from time-tested treasures of wisdom to leading current and relevant books. Each chosen teaching will relate to driving revenue, results and raving fans; while achieving fulfillment and flow in your life and business.

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