Are your beliefs empowering or limiting?

March 15th, 2019  |  Laurie Hawkins

Are your beliefs empowering you or holding you back from achieving all you desire in life and business?  The negativity in the world will always try to pull you down and make you feel weak. It is up to you to take an active role in remaining powerful and loving despite what is happening in the outside world. Live into the part of you that is filled with courage, trust, love, fulfillment, joy and all empowering things. Find the best of who you are and allow the “yearning” to disappear. Let’s explore some of the real truths of limitations and how to step fully into all that is possible.


Constraints are the open door to potential.

If you really dig deep into the meaning of limitations or constraint, you could define it as a stimulus to find a better way of doing or being. What is the one problem or challenge that holds you back from becoming all that you are capable of? This is your upper limit problem, as defined by Gay Hendricks in The Big Leap. This keeps you from achieving your true potential and from living in your zone of genius. What if you chose today to take one step towards overcoming this one thing? How could you break that into a tiny, first action and then take the next small action and continue with this until you look back and realize you have moved miles ahead of where you were originally.


Reshape your story.

Stories are shaped in our experiences, biases and perspectives.  There is also often more charge given to those stories of pain and struggle and therefore, we hold onto them in a deeper way.  These stories are the themes that run your life; your thoughts, your actions, and your results are all created based upon these internal stories. What if the narrative isn’t quite right? What if you are reinforcing negativity and limitations into your story that are impacting all that you could experience? You will make happen whatever truth you choose to cling to. This is a truth older than time itself. Spend time and energy on shifting your limiting stories to empowering stories and watch your habits, patterns and experiences shift.


Recondition your limiting beliefs.

As success guru Tony Robbins shares “Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives.” If you spent some time to write down the top list of limiting beliefs that hold you back and then replaced each one with an empowering thought, what results would you achieve? What emotion did you just experience when you thought of that possibility?  Limiting beliefs can cripple relationships and results. Limiting beliefs have the power to limit potential in every aspect of your life and business. Take the time to truly reflect and choose to shift and recondition your beliefs.